About The Bible of Alternative Medicine

Dr. Ralph LaGuardia
Dr. Ralph LaGuardia

Hello, my name is Dr. Ralph LaGuardia and I am the author of ” The Bible of Alternative Medicine”. Let me tell you a little about this incredible book and why I wrote it.
I have been in clinical practice for over thirty years, as a medical doctor who practices integrative medicine…. which is the combination of alternative and traditional medical ideas. It is a medical ideology that takes the best proven aspects of traditional medicine and the best proven aspects of alternative medicine. My years in the “trenches” as a country doctor has taught me that there are a lot of ridiculous ineffective alternative treatments out there, touted by all kinds of hucksters. Most of them don’t work at all, or in some cases can even make matters worse. The good news is that I have tested them and have found the ones that actually do work and outline them in “The Bible of Alternative Medicine which I wrote to enpower you the patient.

My goal is to give you the patient an actual handbook that is chock full of the alternative remedies that actually work, not things that I think might work, or hope will work, but actually proven treatments that will treat day to day problems and chronic diseases as well. I want to teach you how the body works and what you can do to correct it when it does not.

I want you to have your own comprehensive guide of over 550 pages  that covers almost every problem you would encounter. But The Bible of Alternative Medicine is more than that, it teaches you not only how you should treat something but why. For example, did you know you should almost never treat a fever and more importantly why you should let a fever burn?

My intention in writing the Bible of Alternative Medicine was not to just make yet another book with lists of illnesses and clever alternative treatments but rather to empower you the patient, teaching you not only how to diagnose something, but what the wisest, most effective treatments, and why they work. I want you to understand your incredible body and not only how it works, but what happens when it doesn’t.
I have learned over the years that almost everyone takes vitamins and supplements wrong, and why they are not absorbing any of them. I want to teach you not only how to take vitamins and nutraceuticals the right way, but why. I love when my patients understand not only what I am treating them with but why, and that is what you will learn in The Bible of Alternative Medicine.

I also want to teach you how to be proactive to maintain your body in a vigorous state of health, that resists disease, and promotes wellness, a method of nutrition that begins in the soil, and how to grow the plants that will nourish your body making it robustly healthy. In the Bible of Alternative Medicine you will learn the methods I have developed for nourishing your own body and the trillions of cells that make up your microbiome. I will show you why this is so important, and some of the secrets of health that lie right below your feet in your soil.

I want to teach you how to think outside of the “alternative medicine” box, and how to chose authentic,effective treatments that will cure you and your loved ones. I want you to understand why you don’t need a flu shot, and the simple remedy that is eight times more effective. I have never walked lock step with conventional medicine and spent my career questioning the accepted dogma and the status quo, thinking outside the box, finding cures where others said there were none, finding simple methods to treat complex problems, and now you can benefit from my over thirty years of experience with the only book of its kind anywhere at any price “The Bible of Alternative Medicine”.